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My Superhero Identity For The NerdAndTheNoob Podcast

Hello everyone today i will be writing a superhero identity story. The guys comic book podcast “NerdAndTheNoob” (who you should go check out on every sunday night) shared a website where you put in your name and it generates a superhero name and story, and told us to write a story about our generated identity so here is mine:


“The Sensational Knight”



(Above is what my superhero identity  looks like) 

I was one of the leading Knights in the Legion of the 5th Empire during the middle ages where i swore to protect my people from the evils of the Black Magic a group of evil wizards from unkown lands. they arrived a few months back and started terrorizing the villagers so they created the Legion Of The 5th Empire to stop the Black Magic. We were highly trained in combat and Read the rest of this entry