Gamescom PS4 Info Recap, Release Date, and More!


Today was the Sony pre-gamescom press conference where they talked about a lot including PS3, Vita, and especially PS4 info. In this post I will only be talking about PS4 info because there would be too much other info on the PS3 and Vita to include in one post. I may or may not write about those. Without further ado let’s get to it. (Note there is a small section at the end of this post including the release date and other info if you are interested in just that)

First they showed the UI system aka “dashboard.” It looked fantastic to say the least. They showed of the ability to spectate a match of Killzone Shadowfall and then seamlessly switch to playing in seconds. Actually it only takes 7 seconds to start-up a game from the main PS4 screen! They then showed off Killzone’s new custom game features which looked very fun. Here is the video of the UI and Killzone (of course you will continue to read this post after watching it) …. now wasn’t that beautiful?


Probably one of the biggest and most talked about announcements of today’s conference is the new official Twitch and IGN apps coming to the PS4. The cool thing with Twitch is you will be able to both watch live streams as well as create your own livestream using the PS4’s built-in game recording feature. IGN was also very happy to be on the PS4 as well since they were only on Xbox 360 as of right now. This means you can of coarse watch reviews and trailers as well as maybe read post but they didn’t go into too much detail. A few other apps were announced as well as new TV services such as Orange and Virgin Media. You can also use Netflix and Hulu WITHOUT a PS+ subscription but your going to want one of those too. At only 5 dollars a month you get a ton of features. You get a ton of free games every month including Driveclub when the PS4 launches. You also get select free indie games and cloud services. If you aren’t sold there is a 14-day trial available at launch.


One of the biggest new games announced for the PS4 is, that’s right, Minecraft! What was thought to be a Microsoft exclusive is now coming to Sony. Now there isn’t a lot of other details but we know its coming. Will it be the latest version or an older version like the Xbox version. There where also a ton of Indie games announced including the two that stood out the most to me Rime and Hell Divers. They also released a new Watchdogs DedSec trailer which reveals the PS4 and PS3 versions will get an exclusive 60 minutes of gameplay and a special white hacker skin and hacker booster. you can watch the trailer here: (come back though there’s more) Also they showed off the new vita remote play feature which is incredible. Basically you can turn on the TV while playing PS4 and switch the screen to the Vita while someone else uses the TV. they have also announced that if you buy one of the upcoming games for the PS3 you can get the PS4 version of that game digitally (not a physical copy) for a very low price. No word on if the data will transfer over though.

Heres the moment you have all been waiting for, the release date. the PS4 will be releasing in north america on…..November 15th! Im overall pretty happy with this date although it’s not the late October date that got leaked a few days prior to Gamescom. Im just wondering if we will get Bf4, Ac4, and Ghosts before the system comes out and just have them lying around or get them after it comes out since they release in october and early november. Also another interesting fact is that there are a total of over 1 million PS4 pre orders to date! Nearly 4 to 1 compared to Xbox in some places! Don’t worry though if you still havent pre ordered for some reason there might be some available for pre-order on August 24th at Walmart. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet I highly suggest you do so. Thanks for reading and I hope your as excited as I am for the PS4!

Written by: Spencer


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