PAX East The Behemoth “Game 4” First Thoughts


You may know Behemoth for their unique and quirky games such as Castle Crashers, and my personal favorite Battleblock Theater. They came to PAX East with their newest game so new in fact that it doesn’t even have a name yet and was dubbed “Game 4” for the time being. I got a chance to play the hands on demo and get a pretty good idea of what the game has to offer.


Game 4 is best desrcibed as a turn based strategy action game. You take turns telling where you want your character(s) to move next and depending on their range, weapon, and skill they may be able to attack or use an ability or simply move closer to the enemy. Then the enemy chooses their paths and it leads to an awesome strategic turn based fight with brutal, classic Behemoth style action scenes. The game offers an immersive story with a comedic twist. You can also customize, upgrade, and recruit your team that you will travel the map with each one of them having different skills and weapons. As an example of the customization uses on one of the stages I played I had to use my ranged character to throw axes at a guy dual wielding UZIs and then use a princess to capture the enemy cupcake, classic Behemoth.


The Behemoth is at it again with this new title and Game 4 brings a very unique feel and play style that is not shared with other games. If you are a fan of what The Behemoth produces or just a fan of action adventure games or even board games then you want to keep this game on your radar. There is no release date for the game yet or even an official title as I mentioned but there is an awesome opening cinematic trailer which you should check out:

Written by: Spencer


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