Petition For A Remastered Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Passes 90,000 signatures


I’m sure we all remember Modern Warfare 2. It was truly a game changer for the Call of Duty franchise and introduced many new features and improvements to the game’s core mechanics. In my opinion MW2 was the last “great” Call of Duty game. Sure it’s successors have been good (for the most part) but this game was great and we haven’t seen a great Call of Duty game since. Personally this was my all time favorite and as a long time fan of the Call of Duty series I would love to go back to the game’s hay day.


Well that may not be too far off from possible. A group of people started a petition to create a remastered edition of the iconic MW2 game. Since then the petition has passed 90,000 signatures and they are looking to gain 150,000 signatures before they can send a letter to Activision. You may be thinking “well MW2 didn’t fall off the earth, it’s still a game?” and you would be right but it has been populated by hundreds of hackers for years now and the multiplayer is virtually useless. The petition idea had originally been to revamp and patch the servers but now people are hoping for a fully remastered version of the game.

January 3rd, 2010 @ 19:47:11

Now remastering this game is no simple task. One of the biggest roadblocks we will have if this petition goes through is that Infinity Ward split up soon after this game launched. Half of the game development team including community manager Robert Bowling, left to join other companies essentially splitting the dev team in two. For MW2 to stay true to it’s roots they need the original team or at least most of them or I imagine this will be quite the challenge. Still the internet and voice of the people is a powerful thing and remastered versions of games are not a new thing so I have some hope that this just might take traction, or that’s just the inner fan boy in me talking. Until then give the MW2 trailer a watch (which is also in my top 5 video game trailers of all time).

Be sure to sign the petition here as well if you want this to happen:

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