USB-C What You Need To Know


USB-C is the new USB technology currently making trends because of it’s use in the new Apple MacBook design. However this is not going to be exclusive to Apple products. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus meaning it is universal throughout different devices. Much like how all Android phones have a Micro USB port they are universal.


Now chances are if you have a newer mobile charger, computer, or many other technology devices it probably has a USB 2.0 or maybe the newer 3.0. The 3.0 is the improved and faster version of the 2.0 design. The good thing about that is that even if you didn’t upgrade to 3.0 (which a lot of manufacturers have not) it still is backwards compatible as they are still the same shape (only noticeable difference is the 3.0 is blue inside). This is where the new USB-C is going to run into problems.


As you can see from the image above the USB-C is an oval shape apposed to the rectangle shape of the 2.0 and 3.0. This eliminates any chances of it being backward compatible. Now the new MacBook may just be using it as their new universal charger but the fact that it is the only port on the device means they are trying to not only grow the USB-C market but eliminate the older 2.0 and 3.0 options. To me this is not the way to go about this. I can’t even count how many devices I have that include a 2.0 port or plug but the only device I have with a 3.0 port is my PC. USB 2.0 is just too common for it to be replaced by 3.0 but even if it was we wouldn’t have to worry about upgrading and outsourcing all devices with the older design. However with this new USB-C type there is no room for backward compatibility besides maybe an adapter.

It’s great to have the newer USB-C ports because they are drastically thinner than their predecessor but a complete outsource of the older ports is just not in the picture at least right now which is why many are saying the new MacBook is ahead of it’s time. At least for now I don’t see USB-C taking over the USB field anytime soon.

Written by: Spencer


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