New LEGO Jurassic Park Game Trailer

Today we got a glimpse of what is to come for the new LEGO Jurassic Park/World game through the new trailer. It shows off some of the more iconic scenes, classic LEGO humor, and voice acting coming to the game. LEGO Jurassic Park will feature the actual voice acting done by the original cast which will deliver a sense of nostalgia to both new and old fans. The game will also not just be made up of the 3 original movies but also the new Jurassic World movie hence the official name being “LEGO Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World” which does not flow off the tongue well so hopefully they change that.


LEGO Jurassic Park is going to deliver some of the most iconic scenes, acting, and music of all time with it’s classic LEGO humorous twist and that makes me very excited. The game looks beautiful and sounds great and I am very hopeful it will deliver everything it can to both new and old fans. LEGO Jurassic Park is set to launch in June 2015 and will be on both current consoles as well as last gen consoles.

Written by: Spencer


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