SpaceX To Launch CRS-6 On April 13th And Attempt Secondary Booster Landing [Updated]


SpaceX is set to launch another Falcon 9 rocket but this time it will be carrying the Dragon spacecraft which will detach and proceed to dock with the ISS just two days (April 15th) after it’s launch. CRS-6 or Commercial Resupply Services 6, will provide much needed resources and supplies, 4,000 pounds of resources to be exact, to the 6 man crew currently stationed on the ISS. However a resupply isn’t the only part of this launch.


SpaceX also wants to attempt a secondary booster landing of it’s Falcon 9 rocket. The rocket will descend back down to earth and upon approach will activate it’s thrusters and extend it’s 4 landing struts in an attempt to land on a barge just off the coast. In the last attempt at a recovery landing, the rocket just missed the barge landing pad because of weather conditions and was destroyed. However even with the secondary recovery mission objective the full focus of this mission is to deliver the cargo to the ISS.

The launch has a strict window of launching at 4:33 pm EDT on April 13th from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. Any weather problems or slight delays will result in a scrub and the secondary launch date is scheduled to be held the following day, April 14th, at 4:10 pm EDT.

The video below is one of the original Falcon 9 recovery tests and is a good representation on a smaller scale what they are hopping to accomplish.

Written by: Spencer

UPDATE (4/8/15): I have also made a Youtube version of this article of me explaining everything with a visual aid if that is more your style you can view it here:

UPDATE (4/13/15): Today’s launch has been scrubbed due to an approaching storm within 10 miles of the launch site. Launch is a go for tomorrow (4/14) at 4:10 pm EDT however storm conditions are worse than today and the launch has a 50% chance of being scrubbed.

UPDATE (4/14/2015): CRS-6 successfully launched as scheduled today and Dragon is in route to the ISS and will reach it’s destination friday morning at 5:00 am EDT. The secondary Falcon 9 recovery mission, however, was not so lucky. Falcon 9 landed just a little too hard and was destroyed on the SpaceX barge :Just Read The Instructions” similar to what happened last time.


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