Top Announcements From Google I/O 2015

google io

Tis the season once again where we get to hear all the new exciting announcements and developments Google has to show us during their I/O event. So what did we hear about this year? Well here are some of the top announcements from this week’s event.

Android M


Android M is the newest OSthat is set to roll out to flagship devices in the coming months. The update will bring a new clean design as well as some much anticipated features. First up we have native finger print scan, something Android users have been requesting for some time now and are finally getting it. This feature will work with devices that have a scanner such as the Galaxy S6. Android Pay is another feature that is bundled with Android M which I think everyone can say was inevitable. It basically functions exactly like Apple Pay so not too much to say there however I would have liked to see a more crafty name rather than Android’s version of Apple Pay. Finally we get things such as improved battery life and Google Now improvements.

Google Photos


Google Photos is probably my favorite announcement from the I/O. Essentially Google Photos is a giant cloud storage based service for your photos on all devices, except it’s unlimited storage. Aside from that great feature alone it takes a lot of design elements from the photo features on Google+ and allows for easy organization of your massive amount of photos. One last thing is the automatic back up that is done when photos are taken on your Android device which is a nice addition in case you don’t remember to upload them, like myself. Good news is Google Photos is available today!

Offline Navigation


Offline navigation is a big improvement but there really isn’t w hole lot to say other than Google Maps now provides offline turn by turn navigation. This feature is especially good in areas with weak internet signals or people who have limited data.


Yes there were some other announcements such as Google Cardboard coming to IOS but the features I listed above where really the highlights of the show. However we already knew about most of these and their announcement during I/O was just a formality. I wish Google had talked about other hardware such as what’s going on with Google Glass after it’s return to in-house earlier this year. All in all Google brought some nice news to the table but nothing too ground breaking.

Written by: Spencer


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