Recycling Company Finds Apple I In Donation Box


An electronic recycling company called Clean Bay Area took in a small box of assorted “junk” from a woman and when they finally got around to going through it they couldn’t believe what they found. Inside the donation was an original Apple I the famous computer built by Steve Jobs and his colleagues in 1976. They then sold it to a private seller for $200,000 but due to the company’s policy, and good standards, they are required to split half of the profit with the donor. The problem is they have no idea who she is.


Vice President Victor Gichun says that he remembers the woman who came in. She explained that her husband had recently passed away and she just wanted to get rid of the stuff, probably because of the memories it held. She didn’t leave any name or tax info and he only remembers her by her face and that she drove an SUV. Gichun says “I just need to look at her” and she can have the money, he also believes the money will help with any finances she needs to cover after her husbands death.

This piece of history holds quite the back story to it on its own now it carries a new story of trying to find a nameless owner. Hopefully this woman sees the news and recovers her fair share of the profit.

Written by: Spencer


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