Fallout 4 Trailer – War Never Changes


Yesterday we were greeted with a “Please Stand By” message on Bethesda’s website https://thegeekintel.com/2015/06/02/fallout-4-officially-announced-with-big-news-coming-in-24-hours/ with a countdown which ran out this morning. Everyone expected a simple trailer but what we didn’t see coming was a full blown 3 minute trailer with in-game video. Let’s break down what we saw and why it’s awesome. 


First off as a Bostonian I’m very excited to see that the rumors of the game taking place in Boston where correct. We saw in the trailer multiple landmarks including; the USS Constitution, Faneuil Hall with the George Washington statue, a battle-ready Fenway Park, and the dome of the State House. It most likely won’t be an exact replica but just these hints to Boston alone show that they took the time to make it feel as real as possible.

The other big changes are the much more colorful theme. Fallout games in the past have been made up of mostly grays and dark green which isn’t entirely accurate, just because an atom bomb went off doesn’t mean the colors were sucked out of the universe. Speaking of atom bombs we do see the bomb that creates Fallout 4 and we will actually be able to play for a good while before the bomb goes off as the trailer showed a lot of pre-apocalypse gameplay. We also will have the option(s) of having a pet as is shown with the main character being followed by a German Shepard. Lastly it would appear the main character will have a voice that many are arguing is Troy Baker but that’s just a blind rumor right now.

fallout 4

For now we can go back into stand by mode as we really still don’t know a whole lot about Fallout 4. So far it looks like a great game with familiar Fallout style graphics and atmosphere and we also know it will be for current-gen and PC only. Hopefully we will see more gameplay and details come E3 and if I had to make a guess I would say we will see a fall 2015 announcement date.

Be sure to watch the full trailer here:

Written by: Spencer


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