WWDC 2015 Recap


As you know Apple’s WWDC was held yesterday and included some really exciting news regarding current Apple products, mostly on the software end of things. The key points of the show were El Capitan, iOS 9, Apple Music, and watch OS2 each one bringing new and innovative things to the table.


El Capitan is the newest version of OS X coming to Macs for beta testing in July and final release in the fall. The new OS brings plenty to the table such as a cleaner window display (shown above), pin-able pages in Safari, mute tabs, and Metal, Apple’s newest game development software making it’s way to Macs. El Capitan is going to make working on a Mac just that much more efficient.


iOS 9 is something we knew was coming and have been hearing about for a while now. We did hear the details about the new OS at WWDC however we also got some new information regarding the OS specifically the search feature. The new improved search feature allows users to search for more detailed things such as a photo taken on a certain date, an email sent by a specific person, and many more things that would otherwise take some digging to find. We also got a demo of the improvements to Siri specifically her ability to remind and adapt to users’ daily schedules. Most importantly though, is that all of this is done without outside access to your device meaning that Apple has no access to any of your schedules, photos, or emails that make this possible. It is all done on-device and ensures the highest level of privacy.


The last but personally my favorite announcement was in regards to the Apple Watch. Apple announced the upcoming launch of watchOS 2.0 a step up from the OS system that released with the devices. One of the best features this adds is night stand mode (shown above). This automatically places the watch into night stand mode when plugged in and set down on it’s side. It then sets up a clock and alarm screen that goes on when you press on the screen. The alarm can also be snoozed with the digital crown or turned off with the side button once it goes off. Aside from that they have also added third-party native apps which means [hopefully] no more slow complications. watchOS 2.0 also brings custom photo watch faces as well as third-party heart beat sensor access for apps like Strava. The OS is also launching in July.

All in all WWDC 2015 was a huge success, even more so than many people’es speculations. The three new OS updates will be improving current Apple products by a big margin and their features are much appreciated.

Written by: Spencer


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