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PAX East Overwatch First Thoughts


Going into PAX East 2015 this year I purchased a 3-day pass so my scheduling was a bit more relaxed and I really had no plan for friday other than to walk aimlessly. Then I got talking to some dudes in the queue line with me and they mentioned they were going to run right to the Overwatch booth so I figured might as well go follow them there to Read the rest of this entry


Holiday 2014 Geek Buying Guide


The holiday season is upon on us, and quickly approaching for that matter, and you need a gift for that special geek in your life. Don’t know exactly what to get he or she? Need some help on that one gift they will love? Here’s the place to be as I will be recommending my personal top 10 best gifts for 2014 covering a wide range of price (In no particular order).

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New Star Wars Lightsaber Discussion

star wars lightsaber

Chances are you have probably already watched the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer about 10 times since it has released, if not you should. To no surprise it has sparked countless debates in the Star Wars fan realm but one of the biggest arguments is in regards to the screen grab above where we see a brand new lightsaber design and the fan base is torn.

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PAX East 2014 Survival Guide



That’s right it is that time of year again! PAX East 2014 is just around the corner and as a regular PAX goer and Boston resident, I am here to bring you a PAX East survival guide, full of useful information for you and your upcoming PAX adventures. Let’s get to it! (also I would get a pillow or something this is going to be a long one)

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So Long Flappy Bird You Will Be Missed



If you have been anywhere with people and/or technology in the past month than you know what Flappy Bird is. This simple game about getting through as many pipes as possible skyrocketed to the top of the app charts in a matter of days. It was developed by Dong Nguyen and it was estimated he was making Read the rest of this entry

Lets Talk About Drones

Reaper drops first precision-guided bomb, protects ground forces


Many of you have probably heard of Drones one way or another. In case you havent they are state of the art aircraft about the length of a small car. However they are remote-controlled by a small team safe on the ground. They are mainly used for military surveillance but are now beginning to have other uses such as domestic Read the rest of this entry

My Superhero Identity For The NerdAndTheNoob Podcast

Hello everyone today i will be writing a superhero identity story. The guys comic book podcast “NerdAndTheNoob” (who you should go check out on every sunday night) shared a website where you put in your name and it generates a superhero name and story, and told us to write a story about our generated identity so here is mine:


“The Sensational Knight”



(Above is what my superhero identity  looks like) 

I was one of the leading Knights in the Legion of the 5th Empire during the middle ages where i swore to protect my people from the evils of the Black Magic a group of evil wizards from unkown lands. they arrived a few months back and started terrorizing the villagers so they created the Legion Of The 5th Empire to stop the Black Magic. We were highly trained in combat and Read the rest of this entry

Why I Love Comic Books



I’ve been into comics since i was a little kid but i slowed down for quite some time. Recently I started getting back into them and i wanted to share my love for them as well as maybe persuade some of you to pick up this fun hobby.

Comic books have been around for a long time and have had huge impacts on modern life, entertainment, and literature. There are 3 types of comics: regular comics, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels. A comic book is a regular usually small book that is a part of a series usually in the range of $4. Trade paperbacks are more book like in size and contain a bunch of comic books in a series usually split into 2 volumes usually around $30+. Graphic novels are a lot like trades but they usually do not contain a series of comics. Instead they are single stories but with chapters and are a lot longer than regular comics. These can range from $15-$40+. My personal favorite are graphic novels or trades because i dont like going through the trouble of chasing down all the comics in a series to find out what happens next. There are also online comics but i dont like those because i like to have the physical book.

Now i love comics for many reasons. First I love the idea of superheros, it really makes your mind imagine what it would be like if we had real superheros. There arent only comics featuring superheros either, there are ones about soldiers in the military, regular people with hightened abilities, and a lot more. There are movies, toys, and video games to go along with the comic book characters so collecting and enjoyment is endless. Another reason is i HATE reading books. I just cant sit their and read a book consisting of hundreds of pages of just words after words after words with no pictures to look at in between. Comics on the other hand have slightly less words, and awesome exciting story, and tons of action displayed in the beautiful art on every page. This leads me to my next point; the art is amazing! If the cover catches my attention i will probably buy it thats just how i am. The art inside and out is awesome and some times gory to add to the realism (hence why they arent for kids its hard to find a children-friendly comic book). Even after i finish a comic i still enjoy the art and even re-read it from time to time.

Now there are many other things that make comics awesome but i just named a few basics. Now a lot of people seem to think comic books are dumb, childish, stupid, etc. but those are the people who have never read them! Dont be afraid to go to your comic book store and ask for some help finding a good place to stop. Happy reading!

The Dark Knight Rises Ending Explained And Future “Reboot”



Now there has been A LOT of speculation regarding the ending of The Dark Knight Rises But i will explain the true ending that numerous people have confirmed and it’s quite obvious. Read the rest of this entry

Why There Hasn’t Been (& Won’t Be) Any Posts For A While

206113-netflix_originalpile of comicslacrosse


These top three things are the reason there hasn’t been nor will there be many posts for a short time. BUT DON”T WORRY! Let me explain more. Read the rest of this entry