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Youtube Is Trying To Beat Twitch At It’s Own Game

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Last year when video game streaming was at an all time high Youtube wanted to make its way back into the game by purchasing Twitch for 1 billion dollars but ultimately Amazon was the winner in the Twitch buy-out. However now Youtube is paving its own way back into video game streaming. Youtube has recently announced that it is seriously working toward offering, and ultimately beating, Twitch at its own live streaming game. To kick things off Youtube has acquired Read the rest of this entry


PAX East 2014 Survival Guide



That’s right it is that time of year again! PAX East 2014 is just around the corner and as a regular PAX goer and Boston resident, I am here to bring you a PAX East survival guide, full of useful information for you and your upcoming PAX adventures. Let’s get to it! (also I would get a pillow or something this is going to be a long one)

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My 2014 Tech Predictions


2013 has been a year of many technological breakthroughs and feats including Google Glass, 4k display, and next-gen consoles. Imagine what we can possibility see in the growth of technology in 2014. Many of the things I mention could very well be announced during the upcoming CES as well. Well I am here to give you my 2014 tech predictions! Enjoy.  Read the rest of this entry

iPhone 5S What Will We See Next?


With the huge success of this past year’s iPhone 5 which sold 5 million devices in just the first 3 days, we can expect to see an improved version (or S version) this year possibly rumored as early as September 10th 2013. That date is just speculation and rumored by a few different sources but is unlikely seeing the lack of information we have on it. We do however have some new details and rumors toward the iPhone 5S and also a conformation from Apple that there will be an iPhone 5S after they leaked spare part pictures of the device. Lets get to some features. Read the rest of this entry