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Top Announcements From Google I/O 2015

google io

Tis the season once again where we get to hear all the new exciting announcements and developments Google has to show us during their I/O event. So what did we hear about this year? Well here are some of the top announcements from this week’s event. Read the rest of this entry


USB-C What You Need To Know


USB-C is the new USB technology currently making trends because of it’s use in the new Apple MacBook design. However this is not going to be exclusive to Apple products. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus meaning it is universal throughout different devices. Much like how all Read the rest of this entry

CES 2014: Qualcomm Toq Smart Watch



Now the Qualcomm Toq smart watch was announced about 2 months ago and has begun to ship to those who pre-ordered. However its generating a big buzz around CES this week so lets get into it. Read the rest of this entry

CES 2014: Asus Transformer Book Duet TD300 Announced, Runs Both Android And Windows OS



The Asus Transformer Book Duet TD300 is an all-purpose machine. Physically it can be a fully functional laptop yet one snap from the keyboard and it is a tablet. We have seen this kind of design before of coarse with the Windows Surfaces but Asus is bringing one very impressive feature to the table. Read the rest of this entry

CES 2014: LG G Flex Coming to Most U.S. Carriers QT 1 Of 2014



We have heard the buzz of curved displays for some time now and I, as a current owner of the LG Optimus G, am supper happy to report LG is joining the race to go curved. The new curved screen is designed to improve phone call audio and Read the rest of this entry

My Top 5 Smartphone Games (Android)

Hey guys today i will be rating my top 5 games i play on my phone (android only) The list goes from 5 being the least favorite and 1 being my favorite. I will also give a brief review of each game. So here it is:

Read the rest of this entry

Android New Operating System: Key Lime Pie

andoirds 1key lime pie

That’s right androids new operating system is coming and soon! With ice cream sandwich being a bit old and jelly bean being on most devices it was obvious a new operating system would be announced and it has been…technicaly. A leaked document from Android Police shows that this new operating system is Read the rest of this entry

Is A Tablet Really Necessary?



*Above – Nexus 7*

Tablets are an awesome and different way to surf the web, video chat a friend, or watch a movie but are they really necessary? The first tablet was introduced by Microsoft and was called simply the tablet pc. No one really seemed to dig the idea since it was quite ugly. The first tablet that really got famous was apples iPad. From then on more and more came to the table.

So what is an iPad? Basically just a smaller laptop but a bigger smartphone. If you think about it that’s really all it is. Would i still get one? Hell yeah! Heres why…

A tablet is something you can use laying in bed, relaxing on the couch, or basically anywhere else. Sometimes you ‘ feel like using your laptop but a phone just wont do. That’s were the tablet comes in.

There are many makes, models, and styles of tablets. They have android based ones like the nexus 7 or the galaxy tab. Theres of course apples iPad and new iPad mini (seems like a slightly too big phone to me.) And then there’s the largely popular kindle fire and kindle hd by amazon. The kindles are mostly popular among readers due to the fact they are based on e-reading. Out of all those my favorite is the nexus 7 because I love the android market.

So in conclusion are they necessary? No, not at all but neither are half the other electronics.  on the market but that doesn’t matter, it’s the fun and the luxury of having a new piece of technology. There a luxury not a necessary, well at least to normal people because there a necessity to geeks like me. So yes I highly recommend them!

Written by: Lt Sheehan

Galaxy Camera Camera Reborn or Just Another Camera?


This is the samsung galaxy camera released this year (2012) which was a potential game changer with the slogan “the camera reborn.” Whether they achieved this goal of reinventing the camera is true they definitely made a breakthrough to say the least. The camera’s four main selling points are the touch screen smartphone like style, the android operating system, excellent quality, and in depth editing. In my opinion it achieved all of these. The price is 500$

First lets start with the look and feel of this “smartphone camera.” I personally love the new look and ive always loved taking pictures with my smartphone over my big bulky cannon camera. I also like the white clean looking style of the front. I do not own one but i have had alot of hands on demo of it. It feels right in the hand although it is slightly front heavy. This is just because of the long range lens. Overall i rate the style 9/10

Now lets move on to the operating system. It runs on the newest android jelly bean. It also supports 3g, 4g, and wifi. Whether id do any facebook posting or watching youtube videos is at a small chance i like however the fact i can directly upload my edited photos directly to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. This is my by far favorite aspect of the camera. I hate having to plug in my  camera to my laptop and wait for the pictures to transfer. There is also a cloud service to save them and upload somewere else. (as you can tell im not very familiar with cloud storage) You can also download apps and games but i wouldn’t do that because my phone serves that purpose.

Finally we have the excellent quality and editing. The quality is better than any camera Ive seen on a smartphone. It is based off of android 4.1 camera system. It offers a wide variety of color editing and balancing which isn’t as important to me but im sure is a must for photographers. The camera features a 21x optical zoom which is more than most phones. The editing is quite in depth but yet fairly easy to use. I loved the editing of instagram and it is 10x better than that.

In conclusion the camera is in fact a game changer in my opinion. I would , and plan to, spend the 500$ to pick up this camera for myself. I hope we see a lot more cameras like this on the market soon. I rate it a very good 9.7/10

Writen by: Lt Sheehan