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Avengers Age of Ultron Review (Spoiler Free)


Avengers Age of Ultron is the next big Avengers movie to tie up the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe in one epic movie, and this film definitely accomplishes that goal. It starts off right away with some really big plot points and fast paced story telling. The references to the past movies are Read the rest of this entry


Age Of Ultron Extended Trailer Analysis


Since the trailer that was going to be unveiled during last night’s Agents of SHIELD was “leaked” they had to show something to make it up to the fans or more so the network, so we got a look at an extra scene from Age of Ultron that lead into the trailer. We see the Avengers team hanging out in the Avengers tower all trying to pick up Thor’s hammer Mjölnir (we will get to that bit in a moment) and then we see Ultron or the destroyed Iron Man AI armor that will turn into Ultron come out and make the string speech and lead into the trailer. It wasn’t a whole lot aside from comedy but we did get two small pieces of information. Read the rest of this entry

Flash Premier Review (Spoilers)


When it was announced there would be a Flash TV show I am going to be honest, I was skeptical. Prior to watching the premier episode tonight I had only seen one behind the scene shot with the Flash himself alongside Oliver Queen. No I did not watch the leaked premier (didn’t even know there was one until a few minutes ago) so I went into this blind, and well it exceeded any Read the rest of this entry

Death of Wolverine #1 Review (Spoiler Free)


If you have been anywhere near the internet or a comic book store recently you must have seen the buzz about the big event for Marvel comics, that’s right the death of Wolverine himself! This past week we got our first taste of the 4 part event with issue #1 and I could not miss the opportunity of reviewing it, so lets get started. Read the rest of this entry

Guardians of The Galaxy Review (Spoiler Free)


Guardians of The Galaxy, one of the best comic team I have ever read and the current box office hit released as of tonight and I got lucky and was able to see the first showing and of course review it. In the trailers we had seen no one knew what to really expect from this movie. It looked to be a mix of comedy, action, and story telling and boy did it succeed in accomplishing every one of those and then some. It had it’s sad moments, awesome moments, and a lot more comedic moments than I expected. Needless to say I haven’t laughed that much during a movie in some time. Now let’s dive deeper into Guardians of The Galaxy in my spoiler free review!  Read the rest of this entry

Falcon Will Be Filling Captain America’s Boots


Following the news of female Thor yesterday Marvel has wasted no time with its next announcement to the franchise. Sam Wilson aka Falcon will be filling the role of Captain America after Steve Rogers has lost his powers to Iron Nail (See “Captain America” 2012 Issue #21) so who better to fulfill the role of America’s poster boy super hero? Read the rest of this entry

New Thor Is Going To Be A Woman


Earlier today on The View it was announced Marvel’s new Thor will be a female. Above you can see one of the first images of what she will look like. We really don’t have much more information than that. Why they decided to do this? Well I have some ideas but lets just say I’m not too pleased. Let’s get to it. Read the rest of this entry

Marvel Gains Exclusive Rights To Publish Star Wars Comics In 2015


As of today Marvel has been granted exclusive rights to publish Star Wars comics beginning in 2015. These rights where previously held by Dark Horse comics. This obviously will majorly impact them and their writers. We will see major changes in the area of Star Wars comics as a whole now that Marvel has Read the rest of this entry