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Recycling Company Finds Apple I In Donation Box


An electronic recycling company called Clean Bay Area took in a small box of assorted “junk” from a woman and when they finally got around to going through it they couldn’t believe what they found. Inside the donation was an original Apple I the famous computer built by Steve Jobs and his colleagues in 1976. They then sold it to a private seller for Read the rest of this entry


USB-C What You Need To Know


USB-C is the new USB technology currently making trends because of it’s use in the new Apple MacBook design. However this is not going to be exclusive to Apple products. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus meaning it is universal throughout different devices. Much like how all Read the rest of this entry

ASUS 12-Inch Chromebook 3 Month Review


I purchased the ASUS Chromebook (12 inch version) back at the end of August for the sole purpose of using it to take notes in college but it has actually proved to serve a variety of purposes throughout the past 3 months of use. In the 3 months I have been using the device, almost daily, I have a pretty good feel of where the device thrives and where it falls short. Here are my thoughts.  Read the rest of this entry

Gunnar Glasses



Do you find yourself staring at a screen for more than a few hours a day? It hurts after a while especially if its you’re job. Well the Gunnar Glasses are supposed to prevent eye strain and prevent your eyes from being damaged while constantly looking at a screen. Not too many people know of these but they’re getting quite popular. While they were mainly for gaming at first, they have expanded to accommodate all electronic use.

There are many styles and there are two main styles gaming and computer. The ONLY difference between these categories are the gaming glasses’ arms (or whatever you call them) are thinner to fit under gaming headsets. They have a lot of unique styles in both categories all of which can be order with custom prescriptions. As you see they have a yellow tint (which doesn’t distort color too much) to make colors pop and be less sharp. Some people don’t like this, especially graphic designers because they need to see precise colors, so they added a “crystalline” style which are classic clear lens.

The price for these glasses aren’t too bad either. My PPK Onyx/Mercury (shown above) were only 60$. That is also the price of most the glasses with 2 exceptions. The crystalline lens versions will cost you an extra 20$ (so 90$) and the prescription versions will cost you a pretty penny however exceeding 350$. Overall the pricing isn’t bad.

Now for my personal opinions. I bought the PPK Onyx/Mercury gaming versions for 60$ at best buy a few months ago. I thought I would only use them for gaming but it is quite the opposite. I don’t like wearing them every time I game because they don’t fit with my Turtle Beach X11 (it’s the headsets fault not the glasses.) I use them almost all the time when i’m on my computer. They really work for me especially to tone down the bright white color of sites like Facebook. I do however plan to upgrade to a crystalline lens version because i like them better and id probably end up wearing them all the time because i think i look better with glasses even though i have 20-20 vision, go figure right? Anyway there one of the best investments i’ve made.

In conclusion don’t listen to what you hear. The people who say they don’t work are the ones who have never tried them. I love them and they are very stylish too. I recommend you buy a pair, try them out and if for some reason the dont work they will give you a full refund.

Link to Gunnars site:

Written by: Lt Sheehan