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Fallout 4 Trailer – War Never Changes


Yesterday we were greeted with a “Please Stand By” message on Bethesda’s website with a countdown which ran out this morning. Everyone expected a simple trailer but what we didn’t see coming was a full blown 3 minute trailer with in-game video. Let’s break down what we saw and why it’s awesome.  Read the rest of this entry


Fallout 4 Officially Announced With Big News Coming In 24 hours

fallout 4

This morning we woke up to some exciting news regarding the question is a new Fallout game happening? We have been hearing rumors and fake leaks for months but it appears we finally have confirmation. This morning Bethesda studios tweeted out Read the rest of this entry

Sony Press Conference Recap And My Views On The PS4…Its Awesome

PlayStation4-FeaturedImagePS4 with controller-580-90

So i hope you all are aware of the yesterday’s sony press-conference at E3 which shared more information on the Play Station 4 but if you didn’t you can learn from this post. I will be recapping and be talking about all the features that stuck out for me and my views on everything shown in the press-conference.

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New Consoles of 2013


2013 is going to be a very big year in the gaming world. With new titles such as GTA 5 and battlefield 4 and now all this talk about the new consoles to be released. Of course the two big competitors are the XBOX 720 and the PS4 but there are also a new guy on the block, the steam box made by valve. Lets introduce them!


First up is the almighty XBOX 720. Xbox has ben around for many years and thought of as a lot of people’s favorite console (including mine) it’s no surprise that the 720 is so anticipated but i am disappointed. For one the 360 is a good console in my opinion. The only thing i would add to it is a blue ray player. I really don’t want to have to buy all new components, games, and accessories for a new xbox. One of the biggest problems most hardcore gamers and I are facing with this new xbox is it’s focusing on the 2 things i don’t like, 3D graphics and kinect. I was extremely disappointed when i saw that these are the 720’s selling points because quite frankly there unnecessary to me and other hardcore gamers. I would like the 3D capabilities for single player games but kinect just isn’t my thing however UFC on kinect sounds like a ton of fun. Im speaking on the multiplayer premises of these features however and to me 3D and kinect in competitive gaming are useless. I’m not too excited for the 720 as you can tell. There are no set dates or prices yet but they have stated it will be ready for the 2013 holiday season.


*This is not the ps4 just a concept photo*

The PS4 is the console that has been rumored the least. Theres actually almost no news besides the fact it will also be ready by the 2013 holiday season. The photo above is a concept design for the ps4 that is all over the internet. I’m not sure were this photo originated but i doubt it will look anything like this (even though this is a kick-a** design!) I will post more on this console when more details are released.


*This is also not an official image*

Next up is the new guy, the valve steam box (and the console im most excited about!) The steam box will be produced by valve and its exactly what your thinking, a console that plays pc games! This in my opinion is a brilliant idea. I can’t stand the fact i have to pay way more for a pc to run games at the speed my xbox can for only 200$. I’m sure this is a HUGE upset for the pc gamers however because as you may know they don’t like console players very much (mostly the little 12 year olds.) This is assuming it will let you play with other pc gamers. There is no set design for this but it is rumored to look like the alienware x51 (shown above.) There is also no set price or date but it is also set for the 2013 holiday season like the other consoles.

So all together the new consoles are still in development but are definitely coming and soon! A lot more information is set to be unveiled at this years 2013 E3 conference. I will be doing a recap of that as well.

Written by: Lt Sheehan   Requested by: Jp (@MrHitman141)