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Top Announcements From Google I/O 2015

google io

Tis the season once again where we get to hear all the new exciting announcements and developments Google has to show us during their I/O event. So what did we hear about this year? Well here are some of the top announcements from this week’s event. Read the rest of this entry


ASUS 12-Inch Chromebook 3 Month Review


I purchased the ASUS Chromebook (12 inch version) back at the end of August for the sole purpose of using it to take notes in college but it has actually proved to serve a variety of purposes throughout the past 3 months of use. In the 3 months I have been using the device, almost daily, I have a pretty good feel of where the device thrives and where it falls short. Here are my thoughts.  Read the rest of this entry

My 2014 Tech Predictions


2013 has been a year of many technological breakthroughs and feats including Google Glass, 4k display, and next-gen consoles. Imagine what we can possibility see in the growth of technology in 2014. Many of the things I mention could very well be announced during the upcoming CES as well. Well I am here to give you my 2014 tech predictions! Enjoy.  Read the rest of this entry

Windows 8 Review



As you all know (or should by now) the new windows platform was released a few months ago. Ive had much experience with both windows 7 and 8. I will be sharing my views about the new windows 8 in this post.

They each have there own pluses and minuses. Windows 8 is more of a simple look and focused more on 3rd party apps like skydive, netflix, and other installments. Windows 7 is based around customization and a different style of simplicity while keeping the classic windows setup. I myself use windows 7 but my moms laptop runs on windows 8 so i have just as much expierence with that seeing as she’s not very technology smart. The main reason i dont like windows 8 is because there is no start menu or at least not the traditional one. Instead it looks like this:



I hate this look for multiple reasons. One is i am used to and prefer the classic start emnu with the pinned programs on one side, the settings on the other side, and then the search bar at the bottom. Windows 8 completely got rid of that it now looks like the one above. This is also what the new xbox 360 dashboard looks like (basically the home screen for you  ps3 users) and i absolutly hate that layout. It is so wierd to use and half of the prorams pinned to it like music, bing, etc. i never touch but lets get back to the pc. The new windows is almost an exact copy of the dashboard so obviously i dont like that either. Another problem i have with windows 8 is the web browser. It is horrible to use there are no minus, exit, or enlarge buttons and when you search something all the menus like back and the search bar only stay u for a short time before you have to press the menu key. Now im not 100% sure it will stay like that if you download google chrome or firefox etc. becuase i have not tried all i know is it sucks the default way. I will say though the windows 8 setup is probubly better for people just looking for a pc to do the basics but dont get me wrong it can do everything windows 7 can just in a different format.

In conclusion i dont like nor do i use windows 8 and i dont plan on upgrading to it but i cant say i discourage you from getting it because it is good just not for me. I would say either watch some videos on it or try it out yourself seeing all the bestbuy computers on display have it. See if you like it and it fits your style. I will try my best to provide you with as un bias of a score as i can.

+ kind of cool design

+Ease of use

+A good amount of customization

+/-ALOT different from windows 7

-A wierd start menu

-Bad default web browsing setup

Overall score = 7/10

Is A Tablet Really Necessary?



*Above – Nexus 7*

Tablets are an awesome and different way to surf the web, video chat a friend, or watch a movie but are they really necessary? The first tablet was introduced by Microsoft and was called simply the tablet pc. No one really seemed to dig the idea since it was quite ugly. The first tablet that really got famous was apples iPad. From then on more and more came to the table.

So what is an iPad? Basically just a smaller laptop but a bigger smartphone. If you think about it that’s really all it is. Would i still get one? Hell yeah! Heres why…

A tablet is something you can use laying in bed, relaxing on the couch, or basically anywhere else. Sometimes you ‘ feel like using your laptop but a phone just wont do. That’s were the tablet comes in.

There are many makes, models, and styles of tablets. They have android based ones like the nexus 7 or the galaxy tab. Theres of course apples iPad and new iPad mini (seems like a slightly too big phone to me.) And then there’s the largely popular kindle fire and kindle hd by amazon. The kindles are mostly popular among readers due to the fact they are based on e-reading. Out of all those my favorite is the nexus 7 because I love the android market.

So in conclusion are they necessary? No, not at all but neither are half the other electronics.  on the market but that doesn’t matter, it’s the fun and the luxury of having a new piece of technology. There a luxury not a necessary, well at least to normal people because there a necessity to geeks like me. So yes I highly recommend them!

Written by: Lt Sheehan