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Youtube Is Trying To Beat Twitch At It’s Own Game

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Last year when video game streaming was at an all time high Youtube wanted to make its way back into the game by purchasing Twitch for 1 billion dollars but ultimately Amazon was the winner in the Twitch buy-out. However now Youtube is paving its own way back into video game streaming. Youtube has recently announced that it is seriously working toward offering, and ultimately beating, Twitch at its own live streaming game. To kick things off Youtube has acquired Read the rest of this entry


The Problem With The Current Video Game Launching Trend


Now this isn’t going to be me, the gamer, sitting on my high horse complaining about games but instead a perspective on why it is games launch with non-working components and what can be done to fix it. Recently the gaming community has been spoiled with some great titles such as GTAV, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection however their launch was hardly a success, what did they all have in common? Game breaking bugs and server problems.


If you picked up GTAV on release day I’m sure you remember this error message or at least one of the many during the first few days of launch. The game’s online portion, which is the main reason many but into the franchise, was virtually unplayable. Same thing has happened more recently with Halo: MCC and it’s long load times, AC Unity with it’s frame rate issues, and COD AW with it’s crippling lag. Why is this? Well personally I think the reason is pretty obvious. Read the rest of this entry

Chroma: A Spectacular Musical FPS

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Chroma is a Greek word meaning color often the term used to measure the purity of color. What goes better with color? Music that’s what and that is exactly what the game developers over at Harmonix and Hidden Path Entertainment, Read the rest of this entry

Destiny By Bungie: What We Know So Far

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As you may or may not have heard by now B is no longer making the halo franchise. Instead they have developed an entire new game called Destiny. They are teaming up with Activision to make this game. I’m just going to say now that this game looks AMAZING from what i saw today during the IGN live stream which unveiled the ViDoc trailer/documentary on Destiny. This video had a ton of information, videos, concept art, and even gameplay! So much that i will and can not cover all of it in this post instead i will give you a brief over view and my thoughts on it. Read the rest of this entry

GTA V Release Date Pushed Back To September


Rockstar has pushed back the release date of what could be the game of the year and certainly most anticipated, GTA V. A release date was never officially announced but it was said to be spring of 2013 but that has changed. They said in a statement “the release date has been pushed back to allow further development time since it the biggest open world Read the rest of this entry