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Youtube Is Trying To Beat Twitch At It’s Own Game

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Last year when video game streaming was at an all time high Youtube wanted to make its way back into the game by purchasing Twitch for 1 billion dollars but ultimately Amazon was the winner in the Twitch buy-out. However now Youtube is paving its own way back into video game streaming. Youtube has recently announced that it is seriously working toward offering, and ultimately beating, Twitch at its own live streaming game. To kick things off Youtube has acquired Read the rest of this entry


Panasonic HX-A100 Video Camera



This is the new Panasonic HX-A100 video camera. This was just unveiled 2 hours ago at CES 2013. Its main design feature is a lightweight and wearable or mountable video camera. “It’s so lightweight because we’ve separated the lens from the brains off the camera” says Mathew one of the Panasonic reps at CES. The brains are housed in the box you see above with a wire attaching to the lens of the device. It has many other features as well. One of wich (and my favorite) is the ability to directly steam to U-STREAM. It also features a micro SD memory unit and 1080p quality. It also features WI-FI to transfer data to your phone or tablet. They also have a lot of other mounts available besides the headset like bike and shoulder mounts. there is no set price for this device but it is coming out in the spring of 2013 and they will be announcing pricing 30 days before its available for purchase.

Written By: Spencer    Info From: Jon from technobuffalo and CES 2013