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WWDC 2015 Recap


As you know Apple’s WWDC was held yesterday and included some really exciting news regarding current Apple products, mostly on the software end of things. The key points of the show were El Capitan, iOS 9, Apple Music, and watch OS2 each one bringing new and innovative things to the table. Read the rest of this entry


Apple Is Starting To Rot

no apple

In this recent month apple products and sales have begun to plummet especially the sales of the iPhone 5. Due to the latest statistics apple shares have dropped from a high of $750 to a lower $500 due to weak iPhone 5 demand. Also a new study said a large amount of teens, who usually all have an iPhone, are starting to switch to other devices like androids because of the uniqueness and customization. Apple has even stopped ordering parts for iPhones because they are loosing money. Sources and other tech websites have been describing the iPhone 5 as, “a re-hashed version of the 4s with a slightly bigger screen.” Could we be seeing a fall of the apple industry? I doubt it but i can say they have to make some changes and fast.

Written By: Spencer       Sources: Tech, Wall Street Journal