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Youtube Is Trying To Beat Twitch At It’s Own Game

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Last year when video game streaming was at an all time high Youtube wanted to make its way back into the game by purchasing Twitch for 1 billion dollars but ultimately Amazon was the winner in the Twitch buy-out. However now Youtube is paving its own way back into video game streaming. Youtube has recently announced that it is seriously working toward offering, and ultimately beating, Twitch at its own live streaming game. To kick things off Youtube has acquired Read the rest of this entry


Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27″ Table PC


This is the amazing new all in-one table PC from Lenovo. This was unveiled for the first time at CES 2013 and it made quite an impression. the whole goal of this device is to bring family gaming back but like never before. So they made a giant screen that can be titled to form a table like PC. Its giant 27″ screen is the size of a small coffee table. It features up to 10 finger recognition which Read the rest of this entry