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Avengers Age of Ultron Review (Spoiler Free)


Avengers Age of Ultron is the next big Avengers movie to tie up the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe in one epic movie, and this film definitely accomplishes that goal. It starts off right away with some really big plot points and fast paced story telling. The references to the past movies are Read the rest of this entry


New LEGO Jurassic Park Game Trailer

Today we got a glimpse of what is to come for the new LEGO Jurassic Park/World game through the new trailer. It shows off some of the more iconic scenes, classic LEGO humor, and voice acting coming to the game. LEGO Jurassic Park will feature Read the rest of this entry

New Star Wars Lightsaber Discussion

star wars lightsaber

Chances are you have probably already watched the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer about 10 times since it has released, if not you should. To no surprise it has sparked countless debates in the Star Wars fan realm but one of the biggest arguments is in regards to the screen grab above where we see a brand new lightsaber design and the fan base is torn.

Read the rest of this entry

Age Of Ultron Extended Trailer Analysis


Since the trailer that was going to be unveiled during last night’s Agents of SHIELD was “leaked” they had to show something to make it up to the fans or more so the network, so we got a look at an extra scene from Age of Ultron that lead into the trailer. We see the Avengers team hanging out in the Avengers tower all trying to pick up Thor’s hammer Mjölnir (we will get to that bit in a moment) and then we see Ultron or the destroyed Iron Man AI armor that will turn into Ultron come out and make the string speech and lead into the trailer. It wasn’t a whole lot aside from comedy but we did get two small pieces of information. Read the rest of this entry

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Analysis


Tuesday after the newest episode for Agents of SHIELD we got an announcement for the official Age of Ultron trailer to be shown after next week’s episode. Well not even 24 hours later we get a leak, and its not just set pictures or a crappy quality trailer someone recorded with their flip phone, nope its the full 2 minute trailer for Age of Ultron. Whether it was a leak or not Marvel played along with this tweet:


Regardless it threw everyone off, but lets get to the real point of this article. The actual trailer!


The trailer starts off with a broken down piece of Stark tech, one of Read the rest of this entry

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review (Spoiler Free)


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has gotten a good amount of hate from the people of the interwebs (see what I did there?) and that is part of the reason I didn’t see it in theaters. However after seeing the film in Blu-Ray I am here to extinguish some of that hate and share my own opinions toward The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Read the rest of this entry

Guardians of The Galaxy Review (Spoiler Free)


Guardians of The Galaxy, one of the best comic team I have ever read and the current box office hit released as of tonight and I got lucky and was able to see the first showing and of course review it. In the trailers we had seen no one knew what to really expect from this movie. It looked to be a mix of comedy, action, and story telling and boy did it succeed in accomplishing every one of those and then some. It had it’s sad moments, awesome moments, and a lot more comedic moments than I expected. Needless to say I haven’t laughed that much during a movie in some time. Now let’s dive deeper into Guardians of The Galaxy in my spoiler free review!  Read the rest of this entry

Jobs The Movie Review (Minor Spoilers)


So this is my first movie review I hope you like it. This one will contain spoilers from the movie but since its based on his life and if you know even a little bit about him there shouldn’t be any surprises. Enjoy.

Jobs is a movie about the life of Steve Jobs (apple’s founder and CEO) and the birth of Apple. It stars Ashton Kutcher as Steve. It has had both good and bad ratings on numerous sites and made 28.0 million dollars opening day this friday. Now that the basic story is out of the way, lets get to the review. Read the rest of this entry

The Dark Knight Rises Ending Explained And Future “Reboot”



Now there has been A LOT of speculation regarding the ending of The Dark Knight Rises But i will explain the true ending that numerous people have confirmed and it’s quite obvious. Read the rest of this entry

Disney Buys Lucas Films



*Lucas Films singing contract to Disney*

As you may or may not know Disney bought out Lucas Films not too long ago for 4 billion dollars. Lucas Films is most famous for making the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series. This is a huge upset for me as well as the fans of these legendary franchises not only because it was Disney of all people who bought it but the fact that such an awesome company is now gone. Disney says a new star wars movie (episode 7) is set to come out in 2015. I’m not going to down on Disney because this actually could be a good thing. I dont think Lucas Films were planing on doing another Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie anytime soon so its good to see them taking initiative. It hopefully wont be as bad as the clone wars aired by cartoon network. While i am sad Lucas Films is gone i am happy Disney might bring what we’ve loved for years back in a new form. I’m eager to see how they turn out this investment

Written by: Lt Sheehan