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Recycling Company Finds Apple I In Donation Box


An electronic recycling company called Clean Bay Area took in a small box of assorted “junk” from a woman and when they finally got around to going through it they couldn’t believe what they found. Inside the donation was an original Apple I the famous computer built by Steve Jobs and his colleagues in 1976. They then sold it to a private seller for Read the rest of this entry


USB-C What You Need To Know


USB-C is the new USB technology currently making trends because of it’s use in the new Apple MacBook design. However this is not going to be exclusive to Apple products. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus meaning it is universal throughout different devices. Much like how all Read the rest of this entry

PAX East Primal Carnage Extinction First Thoughts

primal carnage

I had the pleasure of trying out Primal Carnage Extinction on the last day of PAX East and this game was definitely worth the time. They guys that make this game,The game itself consists of two teams, the Dinosaurs and the human hunters, going at it in a variety of modes including team death match. Each team gets to decide from Read the rest of this entry

Fated Haven Preview (PAX East Indie Demo)


I had the pleasure to get my hands on a demo of Fated Haven during last weekend’s PAX East convention. Fated Haven is a PC indie game that Read the rest of this entry

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27″ Table PC


This is the amazing new all in-one table PC from Lenovo. This was unveiled for the first time at CES 2013 and it made quite an impression. the whole goal of this device is to bring family gaming back but like never before. So they made a giant screen that can be titled to form a table like PC. Its giant 27″ screen is the size of a small coffee table. It features up to 10 finger recognition which Read the rest of this entry

New Details About The Steam Box or “Piston”


The steam box made a big appearance at CES this week. They had a prototype on display and it looks nothing like what it was rumored to look like (the alienware x51). Instead it is a little box with curved edges almost the same size as a Rubix Cube. It was also given a new name, project “Piston.” I like this name a lot more than the steam box. Now i’ll be honest im not sure if this is going to be a stand alone console or a computer attachment. There was much Read the rest of this entry

Razor Edge Gaming Tablet A PC In Tablet Form


Today at CES 2013 this new tablet was unveiled. Its called the Razor Edge Gaming Tablet by Razor. Its main function is an alternate way to game on a PC. Now what that means is this is basically a PC in tablet form. The tablet also feature windows 8 not the mobile version but the actual PC version so its obvious their trying to make this as close to a PC as they can. There are 2 different versions; the Razor Edge Basic and the razor Edge Pro.  Here are the specs, pricing, and differences: Read the rest of this entry

Windows 8 Review



As you all know (or should by now) the new windows platform was released a few months ago. Ive had much experience with both windows 7 and 8. I will be sharing my views about the new windows 8 in this post.

They each have there own pluses and minuses. Windows 8 is more of a simple look and focused more on 3rd party apps like skydive, netflix, and other installments. Windows 7 is based around customization and a different style of simplicity while keeping the classic windows setup. I myself use windows 7 but my moms laptop runs on windows 8 so i have just as much expierence with that seeing as she’s not very technology smart. The main reason i dont like windows 8 is because there is no start menu or at least not the traditional one. Instead it looks like this:



I hate this look for multiple reasons. One is i am used to and prefer the classic start emnu with the pinned programs on one side, the settings on the other side, and then the search bar at the bottom. Windows 8 completely got rid of that it now looks like the one above. This is also what the new xbox 360 dashboard looks like (basically the home screen for you  ps3 users) and i absolutly hate that layout. It is so wierd to use and half of the prorams pinned to it like music, bing, etc. i never touch but lets get back to the pc. The new windows is almost an exact copy of the dashboard so obviously i dont like that either. Another problem i have with windows 8 is the web browser. It is horrible to use there are no minus, exit, or enlarge buttons and when you search something all the menus like back and the search bar only stay u for a short time before you have to press the menu key. Now im not 100% sure it will stay like that if you download google chrome or firefox etc. becuase i have not tried all i know is it sucks the default way. I will say though the windows 8 setup is probubly better for people just looking for a pc to do the basics but dont get me wrong it can do everything windows 7 can just in a different format.

In conclusion i dont like nor do i use windows 8 and i dont plan on upgrading to it but i cant say i discourage you from getting it because it is good just not for me. I would say either watch some videos on it or try it out yourself seeing all the bestbuy computers on display have it. See if you like it and it fits your style. I will try my best to provide you with as un bias of a score as i can.

+ kind of cool design

+Ease of use

+A good amount of customization

+/-ALOT different from windows 7

-A wierd start menu

-Bad default web browsing setup

Overall score = 7/10